Northern Praying Mantis
We offer a complete program from basic to advanced and instructor levels. The Northern Praying Mantis style is known for its speed, agility and flexibility. We utilize footwork, kicking, punching, empty hand strikes along with grabbing, trapping and take-down techniques. Students from absolute novices in the martial arts to previous practitioners of other martial arts are welcome. 

Students will learn self-defense application drills (san sao), grappling and locking techniques (chin na), single person and partner exercises including empty hand forms. As one advances, traditional Chinese weaponry (for those interested) including staff, broadsword, double-broadsword, long-handled broadsword, spear, three-section staff, double-edge straight sword, twin hook swords, and double daggers. We offer continuous sparring snd sticking hands (open-hand praying mantis sparring) classes at the intermediate and advanced levels.

Ranking System (forms)

Spirit, Posture, Body, and Mind
• Maximize energy and breathing
• Improve flexibility, balance, and coordination
• Build strength, endurance, and stamina
• Develop internal and relaxed power
• Enhance awareness, sensitivity, and reflexes
• Increase focus and confidence


Classes are held at 519 Main Street in downtown Springfield behind Polemic Dance & Fitness Studio. Please enter in the back of the building on South A Street between 5th and 6th Streets.

Tuesday through Friday 5 pm – 7 pm
Sundays (open workout) 4 pm – 6 pm
Saturdays and Mondays by appointment

Although the official class time is one hour, students are welcome to stick around and continue training beyond class time. This is a great opportunity to practice the evenings lessons with your fellow classmates and to receive additional one-on-one instruction from our teachers!


Our free intro program includes a 30 minute private intro lesson and one group class. Once you become a member of East-West Kung Fu, we will design an individual training program tailored to your needs and interests. Members pay tuition monthly. We have long-term pricing options available for students who commit to an extended training program.

Rate Sheet